A+A 2017: Melchior welcoming Europe

Once again, the industry market place A+A exceeded all our expectations in 2017. Purchasers and design teams for European manufacturers of professional clothing and the textile rental service visited our stand. They were particularly interested to see our new products and additions to our existing ranges that give each collection a special look. Customers looking for permanently elastic fabrics suitable for industrial laundry processes and combining outstanding comfort with a modern look were particularly taken with our new and fashionable “Dynamic” stretch range. Available in a fashionable denim look, popular rip-stop structures and attractive mottled looks, the “Dynamic” range met with a good response, advancing to become the star of our entire range.

Our newcomer “Style” also attracted great interest. This range comprises fabrics that give smart business wear and high-quality casual wear a lively and fresh feeling. At the same time, these modern materials, which are available with or without stretch, in mono or multi colours, in denim and in unusual stretch looks, meet the functional requirements made of durable and leasing-friendly clothing.

The highlight for clothing manufacturers and the textile service industry pursuing a strategy of sustainable sourcing was our “Emotion” range. The silky Tencel blend sets new stands in terms of ecology and features unique functions: temperature and moisture-regulating, tear-resistant, durable and suitable for industrial laundry processes, it offers responsible clothing manufacturers new solutions.

The facelift for our “Daily Perfec” range also paid off: 79 tested colours in leasing-friendly blends from 120 to 300 g/m2 captured the imagination of all those seeking a change in durable professional and image clothing.

We thank our guests for visiting us and the great interest that they showed in our fabrics. Now that A+A is over, we will continue doing what what we do best - with innovative fabrics, structures and designs.




Image fabrics for professional clothing that stands apart

Wangen, September 2017: One of the factors contributing to well-liked professional clothing is pleasant fabrics with a stylish look that are easy to care for. It is precisely this combination that characterises Melchior Textil’s range of fabrics. At A+A 2017, the company will again be displaying fresh-looking new products for unique image and modern professional clothing.


Appealing fabrics for modern professional clothing and individual image clothing are one of Melchior Textil’s specialities. Leasing-friendly mono and multi-coloured fabrics as well as full-coloured ranges can be found across Europe in collections for gastronomy and hotel business, health care, food production and retailing. At A+A, the company will be showing its latest fabric creations for a fashionable look on the job.

Fabrics with a feeling for life

“Style” features fabrics that give sophisticated professional clothing a lively and fresh look. The newly designed range comprises modern fabrics with or without stretch in mono-coloured, multi-coloured, denim and conspicuous mottled looks. With fashion-inspired shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts, jackets, blazers and coveralls, they give business and casual wear a smart look. At the same time, each fabric meets the functional requirements of durable clothing: “Style” combines zeitgeist and a feel-good factor without sacrificing functionality, durability and suitability for industrial laundering processes.

Fabrics with the “I factor”.

The “Elena Select” is targeted at clothing manufacturers seeking durable fabrics that stand out from the rest. Customer wishes with respect to surface structures, designs and colour effects can be specifically implemented in commissioned orders. The leasing-friendly materials are available in lots of 1,000 metres or more in nine tested and wash-resistant shades.

Fabrics with a small ecological footprint

Ecology and sustainable sourcing are growing in relevance in future-oriented professional clothing. As an addition to its established “Emotion” Tencel range, Melchior Textil will be using A+A to present further ecologically favourable fabric blends for responsible collections targeted at the gastronomy industry. The new products include special fabrics made from recycled polyester (rPET) and cotton as well as from rPET and Tencel.




The next generation of established fabric ranges

Wangen, September 2017: With numerous new products and additions to existing ones, Melchior Textil is widening its range of fabrics for demanding and contemporary professional clothing.

Fabrics made by Melchior Textil for professional clothing can be found across Europe in collections for gastronomy and hotel business, health care, food production and retailing. They give employees a modern look, increasingly accommodate the desire for comfort and responding to responsible clothing manufacturers’ growing expectations of sustainable sourcing. Melchior Textil is responding to industry demand for fabrics that are one step ahead of their times with exciting additions to its “Emotion”, “Dynamic” and “Daily Perfect” ranges.

Combined for sustainability

The “Emotion” range lives up to the promise of its name. The silky Tencel blend exhibits a temperature-regulating effect and incomparable moisture control, ensuring that the fabrics are supremely comfortable to wear. At the same time, the fabrics are durable, easy to care for and tear-resistant, making them ideal for the high expectations made of industrial laundry. When it comes to ecology, the sustainably sourced Tencel fibre sets new standards. For this reason, “Emotion” fabrics are playing an increasingly important role in the health care and food sectors. With the new products and additions to the colour range unveiled at A+A, “Emotion” offers a new diversity in individual colour and material combinations.

Stretch fabrics that never go out of fashion

“Dynamic” is a range of stretch fabrics exhibiting outstanding comfort and suited for industrial laundry processes. It owes its specific profile of properties to special core yarns. A blend of soft fibers shrouds the core made from heat and chemical-resistant elastic olefin fibres (EOL). This results in durable fibers that give professional clothing permanent elasticity, exceptional freedom of movement and a pleasant feeling on the skin. Melchior Textil caters to the demanding expectations of numerous sectors by offering the new stretch qualities in a denim look, the popular rip-stop structures and attractive mottled looks.

Tested fabrics for every day

Following a face lift, the “Daily Perfect” range comes in a broader palette of colours. It now includes leasing-friendly blended fabrics from 120 to 300 g/m2 in 79 tested colours. In this way, it covers a wide range of different requirements for professional and imaging clothing able to meet the demands of strenuous daily work routines.