Focus on functionality


Wangen, September 2019: Melchior Textil is further expanding its fabric lines tailored to comfort at A+A 2019. The denim-stretch qualities and the Tencel blended fabric, which is appreciated for its optimal wearing climate, will be complemented by new looks.

"Employees expect the same benefits from their work wardrobe as from their private clothes. For this reason, workwear with functional properties is becoming increasingly important. We therefore see the demand for high mobility, optimum moisture management and more lightness as the growth engine for our industry. With the new and further developments of our fabric lines presented at A+A 2019, we are responding to the increased demands of our employees. In addition, all our product ranges meet the expectations of professional clothing manufacturers and textile service companies who demand high quality parameters," explains Manfred Seeber, Managing Director of Melchior Textil. “Ultimately, however, we also want to provide impetus for new areas of application, which is why we will be presenting an extended colour range in Düsseldorf.”

Stretch denim with new options

The "Dynamic" fabric line combines the denim-stretch qualities of Melchior Textil. The stretchy fabrics convince with a pleasant skin feel, extraordinary degrees of movement and industrial laundry suitability - all properties that are required for outfits with outstanding wearing comfort and outstanding care properties. "Demand in the elastic denim fabric segment remains high. We are responding to this development with new colours and looks, which will be on show for the first time at A+A 2019," reports Manfred Seeber. 

High climate comfort with more colours for the health sector

Due to the strenuous work and warm environment, workwear with exceptional wearing comfort and outstanding climate control is in demand in the healthcare sector. The plain Tencel blended fabrics of the "Emotion" line from Melchior Textil fulfil both requirements. The botanical Tencel fibre ensures high sweat absorption, while the polyester component promotes rapid drying. In addition, the fabrics convince with a pleasantly cool feeling on the skin and their good care properties. "Thanks to the special quality features, the demand for "Emotion" fabrics has increased in all areas of health care. We are therefore expanding our range of colours and presenting a range developed for the industry at A+A 2019".

Strategic Partnership of Melchior and TMG profits from Joint-Venture between TMG and Carrington

Melchior Textil GmbH is decidedly strengthening its sales base and new customer development by focusing on high value-added innovative fabrics for work wear, building on a partnership with the Portuguese textile finisher TMG Acabamentos Tèxteis, SA.

In this context, Melchior welcomes the joint-venture that was announced between his partner TMG and the English textile group Carrington. The Managing Directors of Melchior, Manfred Seeber, and TMG, Manuel Goncalves, agree that their co-operation will profit considerably from the gain in efficiency and competitiveness brought about by the joint-venture. The foremost goal of Melchior remains a strategic focus on providing innovative product solutions and service for its customers.

Melchior Textil GmbH at A+A

We hope to see you at the A+A in Düsseldorf at our booth in Hall 03 / F40 from 05.11.2019 to 08.11.2019.


Your Melchior Textil GmbH Team


Let's get to work with matching fabrics

Wangen, February 2019: When temperatures rise or work is exhausting, Tencel blended fabrics and the Dynamic line from Melchior Textil offer the comfort of built-in air conditioning.

At work it depends on suitable clothing, but above all on the right fabrics. "In order to protect workers from overheating in warm climates or during strenuous activities, textiles should have a natural, climate-control effect and a high level of moisture management“, says Ramona Wizorreck, Product and Export Manager at Melchior Textil. "Tencel polyester blends, stretch fabrics or a combination of the two are ideal."


Pleasant by nature

Tencel has a high absorbency and good drying properties. This mixture provides a pleasant climate in sweaty conditions because moisture is transported to the fabric surface where it evaporates. This leaves bacteria no time to grow and to develop unpleasant odours. Tencel also allows the production of lighter fabrics with high opacity, as the fibre fibrillates during washing and produces a more voluminous surface. This effect is particularly appreciated in the white area. Other positive properties of Tencel include a soft feel, a smooth surface and a very pleasant skin feel. In combination with polyester, industrially washable workwear fabrics are produced for a wide range of applications, which are summarised in Melchior's "Emotion" line.


Stretch promotes air exchange

The stretch fabrics of Melchior's "Dynamic" line are also suitable for hot days. During physical activity, the fabric expands, which causes the opening oft the fabric pores, transporting water vapour and heat from the inside to the outside. "If stretch fabrics with high climate comfort are required, we recommend our "Dynamic" qualities in light colours. They reflect sunlight more strongly than dark tones and remain cooler," explains Ramona Wizorreck.


Extensible cooling function

The latest generation of air condition fabrics from Melchior combine the best of both lines. In addition, Tencel polyester blended fabrics have been enhanced with stretch properties spun into the weft yarn. The "Dynamic Emotion" qualities, available in weights of 200 and 240 g/m², show excellent functionality in textile service, as detailed tests in accordance with ISO 15797 confirm. At the same time, they offer a pleasant wearing comfort, ensure an optimal fit and a high degree of freedom due to their good rebound properties.