Information December 2020

Dear customers, business partners and colleagues,

We would like to inform you about current personnel changes in our company.

Mrs Ramona Wizorreck - up to now responsible for Export Sales, Key Accounts in Germany, Product Management and Business Development - will leave our company on 31.12.2020 at her own request to devote herself to a new task. We would have liked to continue the cooperation, but we respect her decision and thank her for the good and successful cooperation during the last 4.5 years. We wish Mrs Wizorreck all the best, health and continued success in her professional and private life.

At the same time, we welcome Mr Dietmar Rohrbach, who joined our company on 1.12.2020 with the aim of succeeding me in the management of Melchior Textil GmbH after my retirement in autumn 2021. Mr Rohrbach has many years of experience in the textile industry. We wish him a good and successful start in our company. Mr Rohrbach can be reached under the following contact details:

Phone: 0049 75 22 / 76 55
Mobile phone: 0049 160 / 89 79 179

We both will be your contact persons in the coming months in addition to the office staff you are familiar with.

We are working intensively on the timely replacement and reorganisation of the sales department.

We ask you to continue to place your trust in us in the usual spirit of partnership and assure you that we will continue to be fully committed to your interests in the future.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

With kind regards

Manfred Seeber                          Dietmar Rohrbach

Perfectly fitting appearance with fabrics from Melchior Textil

Wangen, August 2020: Company clothing made to customer specifications requires a precisely coordinated, contemporary selection of textiles. With "Style" and "Dynamic", Melchior Textil offers two fabric lines that make a corporate fashion concept with a wide range of assortment components feasible: they combine modern designs, colours and functionalities with light and medium weight categories and are also hard-wearing, durable and suitable for leasing.

Clothing with an individual touch is the trend in many areas of working life. They should set accents or reflect the corporate identity of a company down to the employee wardrobe. To ensure that corporate wear is "all of a piece", Melchior Textil has developed two tailor-made fabric lines for the ready-to-wear industry: "Style" and "Dynamic". Thanks to their coordinated colour, design and material concept, the modern ranges enable the realisation of holistic outfits from head to toe.

Harmonious, modern fabric portfolio

The "Style" fabric line offers attractive qualities for fashion-inspired corporate fashion. The light shirt and blouse fabrics include fil-á-fil and melange looks in fresh trend tones and are complemented by functionalities such as stretch or the natural climate comfort of Tencel fibres. This is complemented by contemporary, dark denim and ripstop fabrics with and without a stretch effect, which give trousers, jackets, dresses and co. a high degree of wearing comfort.

Fabrics for professional athletes

In the "Dynamic" line, Melchior Textil has combined comfortable stretch fabrics that are recommended for workwear with a sporty, casual look and pleasant wear characteristics. Light, elastic shirt and blouse fabrics in classic white and cool melange looks harmonize with medium-weight denim or twill stretch and indestructible ripstop.

Fabrics that score with function and style

"Because employees expect the same benefits from their work clothes as from their private clothes, we have provided our "Dynamic" and "Style" fabrics with indispensable properties: They are equipped with long-lasting elasticity, pleasant lightness and trendy looks", reports Manfred Seeber, Managing Director of Melchior Textil. Thanks to the addition of the botanical Tencel fibre, the "Emotion" qualities also have optimum moisture management properties that ensure a cool skin climate in warm environments or exhausting activities.

High performance included

"Corporate Wear is designed for the long-term external presentation of a company. Therefore additional requirements apply to the usage and care properties of the fabrics", adds Manfred Seeber. "Like all our qualities, "Style" and "Dynamic" fabrics guarantee a detailed technical performance profile: they are hard-wearing, tear-resistant, pilling resistant, colourfast, industrially washable and therefore particularly durable and thus sustainable".

For fabrics used in the healthcare sector, Tencel gets involved

Wangen, July 2020: Working in the care and health sector is physically demanding. Therefore special demands are made on the climate and wearing comfort of workwear. The fabric lines "Emotion" and "Dynamic Emotion" by Melchior Textil meet these requirements with unique Tencel blended fabrics. They add elasticity, durability and leasing suitability to the positive properties.

"Work in hospitals, in geriatric care and in many other health care professions is often associated with hectic and physical stress. In addition, there is often a warm room climate, which alternates with cool temperatures, for example, when changing building sections", knows Ramona Wizorreck, Product and Export Manager at Melchior Textil, "Employees therefore need workwear that is tailored to the special conditions of the sector and which keeps them healthy and productive. The functionality of the clothing is additionally supported by selected textiles. We therefore recommend Tencel blended fabrics from our "Emotion" line for workwear in the healthcare sector: the textiles are breathable, moisture-regulating, skin-friendly and have a soft, cool feel. At the same time, they are hard-wearing, suitable for leasing, durable and therefore sustainable".

Tencel leaves nothing to be desired

Tencel is a fibre made from natural raw materials with incomparable properties. It has a smooth surface, is very absorbent and has excellent drying properties. Absorbed moisture is distributed over the entire cross-section of the fibre, from where it can evaporate quickly. This creates a pleasantly cooling effect on the skin.

Another characteristic of Tencel fibre is its use for workwear in the health sector: After washing, a voluminous surface is created. Compared to similar qualities made of polyester/cotton blends, this surface is more opaque even at lower basis weights.

Stress-resistant climate fabrics

The "Emotion" line from Melchior Textil combines the positive properties of Tencel with those of polyester. This makes the fabrics, available in 36 modern colours, particularly tear-resistant, hard-wearing, durable and suitable for leasing. With the addition of "Dynamic Emotion", Melchior Textil has also equipped its "Air-Condition-Qualities" with a high level of comfort in movement. By incorporating industrially washable stretch fibres into the weft yarn, the textiles are elastic and have good rebound properties. Thus, the stretchable climatic fabrics ensure that both the clothing and the employees remain in top form under permanent stress.

Melchior Textil weaves aesthetics with functionality

Wangen, July 2020: The look of employees in the restaurant and hotel industry is becoming more casual. Denim stretch, melange qualities and fabrics with a technical-functional touch are experiencing a boom in all work areas from the kitchen to reception. The fabrics for trendy workwear come from Melchior Textil. In the "Style" and "Emotion" and "Dynamic" lines, the company has created fabrics that offer a modern look and at the same time durability, hardwearing and suitable for leasing.

The workwear world in the catering and hotel industry is becoming more casual and functional. Trousers, tops and aprons made of denim and robust high-tech optics determine the appearance of the employees. The casual look is underlined by reduced colours that take their cue from the jeans-blue original or are given a more technical emphasis by anthracite and black. In the lighter fabric segment, melange qualities are added, with which a modern design concept can be adapted to shirts, blouses or dresses.

Fabric variety for the modern look

The fabric lines "Style" and "Dynamic" by Melchior Textil offer the whole range of attractive qualities for the new look in the catering and hotel industry. The selection ranges from medium-heavy denim-stretch articles in dark and light natural shades to fil-á-fil and melange looks in young colours and functional ripstop fabrics with a natural climate effect. The trendy fabric ranges are also regularly supplemented with new products for the next generation of gastro clothing.

Designed to work

"Style", "Emotion" and "Dynamic" convince not only with their modern appearance, but also with their technical performance. "Each fabric is tailored to the high demands of use and industrial care," explains Manfred Seeber, Managing Director of Melchior Textil: "All qualities offer good skin, wearing and climate comfort, are hard-wearing, low-pilling, suitable for leasing and therefore particularly durable and sustainable. In this way we bridge the gap between the aesthetic demands of hoteliers and restaurateurs and the functional requirements of garment makers and the textile service industry".

European textile manufacturer MGC (Carrington Textiles and TMG) acquires Melchior Textil

Wangen, January 2020: Melchior Textil a subsidiary of the Germany based HOS-Group (Wendlingen, Germany) is acquired by MGC (Ronfe, Portugal), its production partner.

MGC the textile manufacturing joint venture between the UK based Carrington Textiles and the Portugal based TMG - Acabamentos Texteis and strategic finishing partner for Melchior Textil announces the acquisition of Melchior Textil GmbH (Germany) from HOS-Group.

This acquisition further strengthens the position of all group companies in Europe, with particular focus on the DACH and the Central European markets:

- Melchior Textil: Benefiting from a solid and sustainable production base becoming part of a vertical industrial workwear setting

- MGC: Securing long term plant utilization through strategic forward integration. Building on the strengths of both the Carrington and Melchior product ranges, this new structure will provide customers with continued innovation and a wider choice of fabrics all under one roof. Both brands – Carrington and Melchior will retain their own identity / brand positioning and receive full group support for their respective business models.

- MGC – Acabamentos Têxteis manufactures 18 million metres of fabric per year in Portugal, in addition to Carrington’s current production capacity of 32 million metres in Europe, giving a total of more than 50 million metres annually.

John Vareldzis, Director of MGC and CEO of Carrington, said: “We are delighted to announce this positive step. Melchior have been an obvious choice of partner for us given their reputation in the workwear textile market. We have been evaluating the possibility of cementing our relationship with Melchior for some time and this will be
strategically advantageous for our future.”

Dirk Otto, CEO of HOS-Group, added: “The possibilities of this new partnership for Melchior are enormous. It further strengthens Melchior´s long-term proposition to the market, combining the resources and technical capabilities of Melchior, MGC and Carrington.”

Manuel Gonçalves, Director of MGC and Executive Board Director at TMG, said: “We look forward to the start of this exciting new phase in our development, where we will be able to further strengthen our position in the market. This will allow us to make appropriate new investment into the plant as we build on these foundations.”

Manfred Seeber, CEO of Melchior Textil states: As part of a vertically integrated textile group Melchior will continue to provide the accustomed premium quality products and services, being able to even expand them further.