Michael Dreßel - new sales representative at Melchior Textil GmbH

Dear customers,

as you know, there have been some personnel changes at Melchior Textil GmbH. Since 01.02.2021 Mr. Michael Dreßel is strengthening our sales team.

Michael Dreßel is a state-certified textile technician and has been working for the YKK Group for many years in the past. From his time there, he is already familiar with the workwear industry and after appropriate introduction to our product portfolio, he can provide you with advice and assistance.

Mr. Dreßel will certainly contact you in the near future.

His contact data: Michael Dreßel

Phone: +49 7522 76 - 93
Mobile: +49 160 99 23 47 51
E-Mail: dressel@melchior-textil.de

Melchior sets itself up for a sustainable future

Wangen, January 2021: Melchior Textil is taking account of the increasing demands for serious, sustainable production: the company's parent company and simultaneous finishing partner, MGC - Acabamentos Têxteis (Ronfe/Portugal), was awarded the internationally recognised STeP by Oeko-Tex certificate on 9th December 2020.


"The interest of the workwear industry in sustainably produced textiles has increased significantly in recent years. We have already responded to demand in the past with fabrics made from Tencel and recycled polyester fibres. Now we have comprehensively expanded the service for our customers once again: our parent company MGC- Acabamentos Têxteis was certified with the recognised "Sustainable Textile Production by Oeko-Tex" (STeP) label on 9th December 2020. This label is one of the preconditions for an award for sustainably produced clothing, which is why our customers' collections can now be accredited for serious, internationally recognised textile seals," Manfred Seeber and Dietmar Rohrbach, Managing Directors of Melchior Textil, are pleased to announce.

Prerequisite for workwear collections with sustainability rating

For STeP certification, MGC - Acabamentos Têxteis, Melchior Textil's parent company and finishing partner, has fulfilled strict requirements in the areas of chemical, environmental and quality management, social responsibility as well as health and safety at work. The award of the serious standard, even recognised by Greenpeace, was the crowning achievement of intensive preparation. The certificate is now valid for three years.



Succession in the management

Wangen, January 2021: The long-standing managing director of Melchior Textil, Manfred Seeber, will retire in autumn 2021. He will be succeeded by Dietmar Rohrbach, who joined the company on 1st December 2020. The textile specialist is an experienced industry expert in durable workwear fabrics.


When Melchior Textil was founded at the beginning of 1997, Manfred Seeber started as an authorised signatory at the company, which specialises in high-quality fabrics for workwear, corporate fashion and public needs, and took over as managing director in 2007. From the very beginning, he has consistently expanded the range of durable, hard-wearing textiles suitable for leasing, incorporating important trends in the workwear sector. Among other things, the latest stretch and design lines "Dynamic" and "Style", the feel-good collection "Emotion" and the range of sustainable fabrics can be traced back to his influence. In 2015, he moved the fabric finishing to Portugal and in 2020 he accompanied the successful merger with MGC - Acabamentos Têxteis (Ronfe/Portugal). After 25 years of successful work at Melchior Textil, Manfred Seeber will retire in autumn 2021.

Successor with ambitious goal

He will be succeeded by Dietmar Rohrbach, who started his new job in Wangen on 1st December 2020. The trained textile technician is a proven expert in the industry and has many years of experience in the production, development and sale of leasable fabrics suitable for property. After a few years of various production activities, he switched to sales at the end of the 1990s, where end-use marketing was an important part of his range of activities in addition to classic sales tasks. This expertise is the foundation of his vision for the future of Melchior Textil: "Our fabrics are appreciated across all industries due to their high quality, reliability and design. The secret of our success is the intensive cooperation with our partners at MGC . Being part of this strong group of finishing experts enables us to consistently push our range of high-quality and sophisticated articles. I am looking forward to this challenge."