We love nature and so that it stays as it is we pay strict attention to protecting our environment.

 Our fabrics are without exceptionSTANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and are subject to rigorous quality control. The limits we adhere are far below those required for certification by the statutory regulations.

Dietmar Rohrbach, Melchior Textil:

“We categorically oppose child labour and take particular care that all raw materials are manufactured free from any child labour. We continue to pursue a strategy of strictly ensuring that neither corruption nor bribery play a role in the procurement of raw material.”

Raw Materials

  • In the procurement of raw materials we pay utmost attention to optimal environmental compatibility, sustainable cultivation or, as the case may be, production and place great emphasis on long-term collaboration with environmentally-friendly production plants.
  • We also work to support the further ecological qualification of our partners and, among other things, through timely quality control prevent them from being subjected to unnecessary complaints.


  • In the finishing of our textiles we only work with partners who are certified according to an environmental management system.
  • We urge our partners in the finishing sector to employ environmentally-friendly finishing agents and chemicals and only market fabric that complies with the REACH regulation.


  • Environmentally-friendly company cars and trustworthy haulage firms using well-maintained vehicles with EURO-5 standard engines play an important role in avoiding emissions of CO2.
  • Shipments are bundled to achieve the highest possible stocking density on the load space.

Human Resources

  • We continually keep up to date on new developments in connection with environmental protection.
  • We conform to environmental directives in the same way as our commitment to quality.

Energy Consumption

  • Our electrical appliances are energy saving.
  • We avoid the standby-mode on all electrical devices.
  • Our premises are thermally insulated, thus reducing our heating energy.

Waste Separation

  • Recyclable material, residual waste and waste material are carefully sorted and disposed of correctly.

Consumable Material

  • We completely forgo the use of solvent-based products.
  • Business papers, sales documents, brochures and advertising material are produced by environmentally-friendly printing processes and on chlorine-free bleached paper.