Portuguese factory reduces CO2 emissions by 45% thanks to biomass boiler

Our Portuguese production partner company MGC achieved a remarkable reduction in carbon emissions after installing a biomass boiler in 2023. Thanks to this initiative, the factory was able to produce 95% of the steam needed for operations while reducing natural gas consumption by 70% - a significant step towards more sustainable practices in textile manufacturing.

A biomass boiler is a device that uses organic materials such as wood chips, agricultural residues or other biological materials to produce heat and energy. This technology serves as an alternative to fossil fuels and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

MGC's biomass boiler uses responsibly sourced wood chips from local forests within 50km of the factory, all of which are SURE (Sustainable Resources) certified. This raw material is waste wood intended for the paper industry and must be removed to avoid fires. After processing, the resulting ash is used as soil fertilizer to avoid soil contamination.

This new equipment is carbon neutral and has allowed MGC to reduce its total CO2 emissions by 45% compared to 2022.

Jose Melo, Managing Director of MGC, commented on the success: “The installation of the biomass boiler marks an important milestone in our journey to increase energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes. The significant reduction in our CO2 emissions is a testament to our commitment to environmental protection.”

Comprehensive environmental initiatives

Beyond the biomass boiler, MGC has implemented a number of initiatives that underline the community's commitment to sustainability. These include reducing water consumption by over 13%, reducing waste and plastic consumption, environmental management training for all employees, energy management systems, wastewater treatment to remove microplastics and PFAs, to name a few.

These initiatives and the implementation of the biomass boiler demonstrate Melchior Textil and MGC's commitment to investing in technologies that reduce their impact on the environment.

Published: 2024-07-10

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