Current information on the corona virus situation

Dear customers,

due to the current COVID-19 developments we would like to inform you about the current situation in our company/production in Portugal.

First of all: Stay healthy. We all share the overall social responsibility to protect the population from the spread of the corona virus. We try to keep the effects of the hourly new measures of governments and health authorities as low as possible for you and will inform you immediately in each individual case if there are delays in delivery due to the current situation.

Please understand that we do not inform by newsletter. On the one hand because the situation is constantly changing, on the other hand we want to concentrate on the upcoming problem cases with prudence and pragmatism and inform the affected customers personally.

What does the current situation look like:

Our office in Wangen is still occupied in the areas of customer service, laboratory and sample room. The necessary protective measures are being followed and adhered to and the necessary safety distance exists between the employees. Sales and management will work in the home office until further notice and will be available to answer your questions at any time by telephone or e-mail.

In Portugal, a state of emergency has been declared in the north and the following measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the corona virus:

- Administrative staff are working alternately from the home office (this increases the security distance in the offices)

- Appropriate measures are taken to ensure hygiene and prevent infection

- Only healthy employees without symptoms of illness and contact with suspected or infected persons may enter the production/administration

- The shifts in production are thinned out (to prevent infection, but also to allow for childcare)

What are the consequences?

- Production may be delayed (therefore we are working with priority lists from now on / replenishment of stocks may be delayed)

- We have already been informed of delays in the delivery of raw materials by suppliers, which may also result in delays

- Shipping is under high pressure due to a shortage of transportation means. We ask for your understanding that this may increase delivery times.

- The borders are closed and material deliveries are (still) coming through, but the controls require a lot of patience and additional time

- So far we have no information that the supply of raw materials (raw materials, dyes, finishing chemicals) is generally at risk

- We will continue to supply you with goods and ask for your understanding if we cannot always give you exact delivery dates and transport times immediately (here we are dependent on information from production and logistics partners, who sometimes need a little more time due to the current situation with fewer staff).

You can be assured that we will inform you about changing delivery dates, problems in production and shipping at any time without delay. Please remain calm and loyal to us and have understanding for this special situation. 

We are still here for you and hope that we will all survive this crisis in good health and with the least possible economic impact.

Warmest regards



Update 25.03.2020

This week we have been informed by our suppliers in Pakistan about delivery delays due to closures of production facilities and airports. To what extent transports by ship can be carried out on schedule is not yet clear. The situation is expected to ease again at the beginning of week 15 at the earliest. This may result in delays in delivery dates for orders that have already been confirmed.

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